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Ideas For Rita’s EF & GYLS Cohort

Monday, July 9th, 2018

If I were in Berlin in July I would hope to join you and any of these events. I hope that, despite your robust agenda, you might find time to explore the following…

July 10

Takt Talk by Mojdeh Rezaeipour  who is “an Iranian-American mixed media artist and storyteller. Her semi-autobiographical work explores the duality of her childhood in Iran and the disembodied nature of the immigrant experience through a constant deconstruction and reconstruction of memory and understanding.  She is based in her dome studio in the forests of Southern MD and often works in pyrography on wood, incorporating natural elements like roots, petals, branches and pigmented beeswax.”

July 11

Karl Oskar Gallery Inauguration Show

Public lecture “2050 For What Will We Use Our Brains” by Warren Neidich. Warren Neidich is a conceptual artist, writer, and theorist. He is currently Professor of Art at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, founding director of the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art and the American editor of Archive Books, Berlin. 7:30 PM | Spike Art Quarterly Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 45 10178 Berlin

Radical Discounts: Artist Talk with Jace Clayton. “What if the radical potential (if any) of music exists not in its performance and consumption, but in how it is or isn’t archived? Jace Clayton (New York), artist and writer, also known as DJ/rupture, will explore this notion using examples that range from Julius Eastman and Lee Lozano’s conceptual hostilities to black radicality under the banner of brand sponsorships.” At ifa Galerie Linienstraße 139-140, 10115

July 12

Songpickr Americana Night” with 3 Bands: Cordovas Headliner, St. Beaufort and SUSTO (solo) with special guests. 15 euro at Privatclub.

July 13

Isaac Julien: Looking Back At Langston. “Internationally acclaimed filmmaker and installation artist Isaac Julien CBE RA, makes multi-screen film installations and photographs that incorporate different artistic disciplines to create a poetic and unique visual language. Born in 1960 in London, he is one of the most prominent figures at the intersection of media art and cinema today and his installation work is included in some of the highest profile institutions around the globe. His 1989 documentary-drama Looking for Langston exploring author Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance garnered Julien a cult following.”  7:30 PM | Spike Art Quarterly Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 45 10178

Sylwester Ostrowski Quintet Feat. Freddie Hendrix at Zig Zag Club. 9:00 pm.

Electrixity **Synth Funk Explosion** at Monarch Club. “The night celebrating early electric organ and synthesizer music from all over the world with the main focus on american, african and carribean productions. The Battery is digging the finest records to give you energy and listening pleasure…From Funk to african 90s House via Disco music and a little reggae. Of course focussing on early electric organ and synthesizer music! Run Come Dance.”

July 14

Exploring Germany’s Colonial Past. U-Bahnhof Afrikanische Straße “Like London and Paris, Berlin is a colonial metropolis – but unlike in these sister cities, this history is rarely officially acknowledged in the German capital. Yet the cityscape is evidently shaped by colonial history and its many present-day trajectories. Layers of history engraved in public space reveal important continuities from the colonial era to the National Socialist dictatorship and beyond. The African district of Berlin (Afrikanisches Viertel) is one of many sites where German policies and perpetrators of enslavement and colonialism are commemorated. Etched into the city are street names and other subtle reminders of crimes against humanity. The African District – Germany’s largest public ensemble of colonial memory street names – honours three perpetrators to this day. But these are also sites of resistance and contestation – both historically and in the present.”

Uri Gincel Quintet Plays Herbie Hancock! Club Zig Zag. 9:00. I saw this tribute  few months go. Soooo good. They play all the Headhunters stuff from the mid-1970’s.

July 15

Homage Session:”Irakere” by Irakere. Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin Sunday 4pm. I love these Sunday outdoor jazz gigs. The band in residence has it all figured out! Such good vibes. You should go!

Finissage | Frank Eickhoff »Self-Driving Artist«. Frontviews Tucholskystraße 37 10117

Berlin by Night 2012: The Wall

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Best Coffee in Berlin?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Alana asked about best coffee in Berlin. I don’t know. I do know there are diamonds in the rough:

Chapter One (get the Bonmak Hikaria Siphon)

Double Eye

God Shot

Five Elephant

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Toytown speaks…or better yet, check out the CafeKulturBerlin blog


Favorite Berlin Restaurants

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Here are some of our favorites. Please comment below and share yours.

Maria Peligro (Mexican, sister of Maria Bonita)

Cafe do Brasil (Best buffet ever? Tues-Thurs)

Bar Raval (authentic tapas and a great wine list)

3 MOMS (Vietnamese)

Ixthy’s (Korean Imbiss in overwhelmingly religious environment)

Sida (Thai in Steglitz)

Madang (Tasty Korean without all the Jesus propaganda)

Long March Canteen (only good Chinese in Berlin?)

Ron Telesky’s Canadian Pizza

Bejte Ethiopia

Le Cochon Bourgeois (Though prohibitively expensive French fare, the best food I’ve had in Berlin)

Le Cocotte (excellent, affordable French food)

Ousies (tasty Greek fare, lively–if not loud–environment)

Thalassa (Greek. 8 tables. Reserve)

Munch’s Hus (Norwegian. Menu 90% fish, 10% Elk)

Wie Goulash (Goulash good; Trappist Beers, including Rochefort 10, better. Intimate and friendly)

Weinstein (solid German food, good wine list)

Vanille & Marille (best gelato in Berlin, closed in winter)

Italian Restaurants:

Bar Centrale

Knofi (also has a cute market across the street)

Osteria No. 1 (pretty garden in rear that backs up to Viktoria Park)

Trattoria del Corso

Some Berlin Music I Like

Monday, February 1st, 2010

This is far from an exhaustive list, but after a couple of years here, I figure that I should at least begin to compile a list.

If you’ve found a Berlin-based artist that you recommend, please post a comment below.

17 Hippies (mostly acoustic French-American-German neo-folk something or other)

Pescadores de Ventanas (all over the place)

Eb Davis Band (blues and soul. Bobby Bland style)

Terrence Bowery Band (soul)

Reggie Moore (jazz piano)

Mike Russell (hollow-body, G. Benson guitar jazz-soul)

Tom Blacksmith & The Soulminers (poppy, playful blues)

DJ Mark Hype (spins old soul records)

Ron Spielman (jazz rock guitar, sings uncannily like Sting)

General Info on Berlin

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

New Berlin Magazine

A guide to Berlin’s Districts

Time Out Guide Online




The Berlin Paper

Find out what’s happening at Zitty

What’s to do in a weekend in Berlin? This blog offers options

Sign and Sight


NPR Berlin

German News…In English

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Here is a list of German periodicals, some of which are available in English

Speigel International in English

Official news from Die Bundesregierung

Selected stories concerning Germany from MyExpatica

Deutschland Online

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies from The Johns Hopkins University

Get Hep

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

The jazz scene in Berlin is rumored to be hot. Here are a few club listings.

Take the A-Trane


Be-Bop Bar


JazzKeller 69

A list of 20 Jazz Clubs (please tell me which ones I should visit)

Berlin Jazz Fest 2007!!!

Again, PLEASE leave a post if you recommend a particular club or artist.

The Great Escape

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

If you need a simple escape (which you might use as an excuse to foster your German language acquisition) lose yourself in original version films:

A list of original version theatres

Show times are listed here

Enjoy open air cinema while it lasts

Do You Have Big Plans on Sunday Morning?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Neither do I. Here are some Flea Markets to peruse. Get some kitsch

Here are six markets from berlininfo.com

Five more markets here (with concise descriptions)

Since I am coming to Berlin following a few years in Barcelona I have high hopes for this Mediterranean Market (if for no other reason than because I will miss my beloved Spanish wines)