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New Deal Sales Pitch

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

You have been assigned a New Deal program to “sell” to your classmates. Your task is to inform and persuade in equal measure.

Don’t neglect your duty to inform. This is school, after all. Read about your New Deal program. You can’t sell a product that you don’t know thoroughly. Knowledge breeds confidence. Teach your audience about the program.

Your pitch must be 3-4 minutes, you are free to use whatever visual tools (poster, whiteboard, PowerPoint) you want.

Audience is everything. Stay in the time period 1933-38. You are selling to a populace suffering from the Great Depression and anxieties from the rising tide of fascism in Europe. Speak to those people. What is the problem? How will this program solve it?

Consider countering claims that opponents of your program might levy. “Some fools may argue that the AAA is unconstitutional, but…” or “uninformed critics bemoan the the program does not relieve all Americans, but…”

Introductions and conclusions matter. First and last impressions are destiny.

A little stagecraft goes a long way; too much showmanship repels the audience. Have fun! Be fun! Do not be boring.

Rubric: 5 points content / 5 points persuasiveness / 5 points timing and style

Here are some models you might consider:

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