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Student-Generated Klausuren, Fall 2013

I cleaned these up a bit (some more than others). All are legitimate klausuren and worthy of your consideration. You can and should use these to practice:

  • writing introductions and conclusions
  • thesis statements
  • outlines
  • topic and transition sentences
  • document analysis using APPARTS
  • pacing and timing (90 minutes flies)

To what extent is the Constitution a Democratic document?

To what extent does the Constitution provide a federal balance?

To what extent is power equally distributed among the three branches of government?

Thomas Jefferson: A complex Renaissance Man or a self-justifying hypocrite?

Was the American System good for America?

Was Civil War inevitable after the Crisis in Kansas?

Too much compromise? (compromise as a source of instability and sectionalism)

To what extent was slavery the primary cause of the Civil War?

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