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FSM Documents

LETTER FROM BERKELEY By Calvin Trillin Published originally in The New Yorker, March 13, 1965

The  conclusion of Mario Savio’s memorable speech, before Free Speech Movement demonstrators entered Sproul Hall to begin their sit-in on December 3, 1964

An article about Mario Savio appeared in the February 16, 1965 issue of Life Magazine (‘The university has become a factory”)

Several essays about the FSM from varying Leftist points of view

Margot Adler, “The Free Speech Movement”

A richly autobiographical account, woven from a freshwoman’s family letters and mature reflection, portraying the FSM as an early, vital episode in the education of a pagan feminist. (1964, 1996; 34 pp.)

Robert Hurwitt. “Present at the Birth: A Free Speech Movement Journal”

The detailed journals of a graduate student record his involvement during the early action (9/23-10/2) and climactic events (12/1-9). An evocative personal introduction and a very brief summary of the months between tie the entries together. (1964, 1984; 18 pp.)

Joel Pimsleur, “Inside Sproul Hall” as written to Ralph Gleason

A young reporter assigned to cover the Sproul Hall sit-in from inside writes about what he can’t report. (1964; 5 pp.)

Michael Rossman, “The Birth of the Free Speech Movement”

In a tape-recording made the next morning (10/3), a graduate student recounts the raw experience of the Police Car Sit-in, and recalls the developments leading to this crisis, launching the FSM’s historical project. (1964; 18 pp.)

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