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Dr. Lawrence Lessig

Dr. Lawrence Lessig of Stanford University, who has been a pioneer in the Free Culture Movement and the founder of Creative Commons, is shifting his focus to fighting corruption in Washington DC. Though I am duly impressed by his efforts to combat corporate greed and influence over licensing arrangements, I am excited that he is devoted to getting to the core of the problem. Lessig has delivered his final lecture at Stanford and will be moving to Harvard to direct the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics.

He writes about his decision to shift focus here and he was recently interviewed by Terry Gross where he spoke about his decision to fight the next noble battle.

Though always the cynic, I am excited about the prospect of Lessig on a crusade, backed by the coffers of Harvard, to tackle corruption at the highest levels.

Check out his Ted Talk on laws that choke creativity. Brilliant.

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