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The Gag Rule

Again I remind you, this is not a debate over the institution of slavery. This is a debate over whether or not petitions regarding slavery should reach the floor of this legislative body.

A simple summary of the narrative of the gag rule; and another sumary from senate.gov

A five-page essay on the Gag Rule

A more advanced summary from two political scientists, one from MIT, the other from Northwestern

A Review of the book, Arguing About Slavery: The Great Battle in the United States Congress

J.Q. Adams’ 1837 Speech on the Gag Bill

John C. Calhoun’s Speech on the Abolition of Petitions, 6 February 1837

The petition controversy from the Congressional Record, 1837

Here are excerpts from the Congressional debate from January and February 1837.

Resources on Slavery and abolitionism from yours truly

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