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Take a Dip

The pool of the Olympic Stadium is open to the public (U- and S-train station, U2, S75).

In Volkspark Jungfernheide park at Tegel airport you find an open air swimming pool (U-train stations Jakob-Kaiser-Platz, Halemweg, Siemensdamm, U7).

Near Volkspark Rehberge park in Wedding there is a swimming pool at Ploetzensee Lake (Seestrasse 80, tram M13, M50, bus 327 from U-train station Osloer Strasse, U8, U9).

Swim in the lake of Volkspark Wuhlhide (S-train station Wuhlheide, S3).

In Grunewald you swim in Krumme Lanke lake (U-train station, U1) and in Schlaktensee lake (S-train station, S1).

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