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Ideas For Rita’s EF & GYLS Cohort

If I were in Berlin in July I would hope to join you and any of these events. I hope that, despite your robust agenda, you might find time to explore the following…

July 10

Takt Talk by Mojdeh Rezaeipour  who is “an Iranian-American mixed media artist and storyteller. Her semi-autobiographical work explores the duality of her childhood in Iran and the disembodied nature of the immigrant experience through a constant deconstruction and reconstruction of memory and understanding.  She is based in her dome studio in the forests of Southern MD and often works in pyrography on wood, incorporating natural elements like roots, petals, branches and pigmented beeswax.”

July 11

Karl Oskar Gallery Inauguration Show

Public lecture “2050 For What Will We Use Our Brains” by Warren Neidich. Warren Neidich is a conceptual artist, writer, and theorist. He is currently Professor of Art at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, founding director of the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art and the American editor of Archive Books, Berlin. 7:30 PM | Spike Art Quarterly Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 45 10178 Berlin

Radical Discounts: Artist Talk with Jace Clayton. “What if the radical potential (if any) of music exists not in its performance and consumption, but in how it is or isn’t archived? Jace Clayton (New York), artist and writer, also known as DJ/rupture, will explore this notion using examples that range from Julius Eastman and Lee Lozano’s conceptual hostilities to black radicality under the banner of brand sponsorships.” At ifa Galerie Linienstraße 139-140, 10115

July 12

Songpickr Americana Night” with 3 Bands: Cordovas Headliner, St. Beaufort and SUSTO (solo) with special guests. 15 euro at Privatclub.

July 13

Isaac Julien: Looking Back At Langston. “Internationally acclaimed filmmaker and installation artist Isaac Julien CBE RA, makes multi-screen film installations and photographs that incorporate different artistic disciplines to create a poetic and unique visual language. Born in 1960 in London, he is one of the most prominent figures at the intersection of media art and cinema today and his installation work is included in some of the highest profile institutions around the globe. His 1989 documentary-drama Looking for Langston exploring author Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance garnered Julien a cult following.”  7:30 PM | Spike Art Quarterly Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 45 10178

Sylwester Ostrowski Quintet Feat. Freddie Hendrix at Zig Zag Club. 9:00 pm.

Electrixity **Synth Funk Explosion** at Monarch Club. “The night celebrating early electric organ and synthesizer music from all over the world with the main focus on american, african and carribean productions. The Battery is digging the finest records to give you energy and listening pleasure…From Funk to african 90s House via Disco music and a little reggae. Of course focussing on early electric organ and synthesizer music! Run Come Dance.”

July 14

Exploring Germany’s Colonial Past. U-Bahnhof Afrikanische Straße “Like London and Paris, Berlin is a colonial metropolis – but unlike in these sister cities, this history is rarely officially acknowledged in the German capital. Yet the cityscape is evidently shaped by colonial history and its many present-day trajectories. Layers of history engraved in public space reveal important continuities from the colonial era to the National Socialist dictatorship and beyond. The African district of Berlin (Afrikanisches Viertel) is one of many sites where German policies and perpetrators of enslavement and colonialism are commemorated. Etched into the city are street names and other subtle reminders of crimes against humanity. The African District – Germany’s largest public ensemble of colonial memory street names – honours three perpetrators to this day. But these are also sites of resistance and contestation – both historically and in the present.”

Uri Gincel Quintet Plays Herbie Hancock! Club Zig Zag. 9:00. I saw this tribute  few months go. Soooo good. They play all the Headhunters stuff from the mid-1970’s.

July 15

Homage Session:”Irakere” by Irakere. Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin Sunday 4pm. I love these Sunday outdoor jazz gigs. The band in residence has it all figured out! Such good vibes. You should go!

Finissage | Frank Eickhoff »Self-Driving Artist«. Frontviews Tucholskystraße 37 10117

Radicalism of the American Revolution?

In two short essays, available here, two Pulitzer Prize-winning titans of American history, Gordon Wood and Carl Degler, debate whether or not the American Revolution was radical.

Andrew Jackson – Good Evil & The Presidency – PBS Documentary

Lecture: The Clinton Years

Here is my lecture on the domestic and foreign policies of the Clinton Administration.

Lecture: The Bush 41 Administration

Here is my lecture on the Bush 41 Years (1989-1993), including foreign and domestic policies (more focus on the former).

Lecture: The Reagan Administration

Here is my Reagan Years Lecture which includes domestic policies:

  • Elections
  • “Reaganomics”
  • Culture Wars

And foreign policies in:

  • Central America: Nicaragua, Grenada, El Salvador
  • Middle East: Lebanon, Iran-Iraq, Israel
  • South Africa
  • USSR

Iran bans English from being taught in primary schools

The education ministry “envisages strengthening Persian language skills and Iranian Islamic culture of pupils at the primary school stage“, its secretary told state media.

This move is in line with the supreme leader’s anti-Western, isolationist view of the world. He has repeatedly said that teaching English to children from an early age could lead to “western cultural infiltration”.

He says the language of science is not necessarily English and that children should be taught other languages like Spanish, French, or eastern languages.

President Hassan Rouhani disagrees with him, and has said that knowing English will help young people join the job market. But he had little power to stop the ban.


Britain Should Not Have Fought in the First World War

Op-Ed on Referendums

I recognise that this is an unpropitious time to call for more referendums. But the Brexit vote was the worst possible model for popular decision-making. The government threw a massive question at an electorate that had almost no experience of direct democracy. Voters were rushed towards judgment day on a ridiculously short timetable, with no preparation except a series of giant lies.

Worse still, an issue of astonishing complexity was reduced to a crude binary choice. Because the only options presented were in or out, everyone knows what the majority voted against; no one knows what kind of Leave it voted for. Why could we not have had a multiple choice, presenting the different ways in which we could have stayed in or left Europe? Without permission to make a nuanced decision, we had no incentive to achieve a nuanced understanding.A lively and intelligent politics demands an active and empowered electorate that can hold its representatives constantly to account.

Read more from George Montbiut in the Guardian


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